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Games-Based Learning


Areas of Practice

Instructional design

A home for systematic design and development of learning materials in different modalities: in person, online, and a combination of both. University XP offers an outcomes based approach in designing holistic learning for instructors and students alike.

Game design

Great games are born here through a combination of theory, aesthetics, practice, and development. University XP offers a customized approach to developing games that entertains, engages, and educates on multiple levels.

experiential design

Live, synchronous, and asynchronous experiences are the heart of learning and engagement. University XP upholds the quality of the user experience while drawing on different disciplines to meet your goals.

executive development

Help your executives and managers develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to lead your organization. University XP focuses on outcomes based learning which generates actionable takeaways and applicable results.

staff training

Staff can accomplish all that they are empowered, skilled, and resourced to do. University XP’s staff training model focuses on the development of self-efficacy through relating established skills and behaviors to lived problems and challenges.


Avoid technological obsolesce, limited development opportunities, and single purposed solutions. Upskilling prepares the members of your organization to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. University XP focuses on the continued development of your team to keep themselves, and the business, sharp.


Dr. Dave Eng speaks at numerous events and conferences every year on topics regarding design, training, and consulting. University XP offers his innovative speaking engagements as form for you to bring a fresh new perspective to your audience and organization.


Dr. Dave Eng shares his research on games, gamificaiton, and games-based learning in his innovative approaches to design, training, and consulting work. University XP offers his insight and perspectives on the future of games in our everyday lives.


Dr. Dave Eng publishes, shares, and commissions his writing to organizations, individuals, and businesses on a host of different topics including game design, staff training, and institutional research. University XP offers a platform into his viewpoints on education, academia, and beyond.

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What is “Gamification?”