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Momentum through Motivation

Speaking to peers in a public setting can be a stressful scenario. Add supervisors and managers into the mix and you have the recipe for one anxiety ridden experience. University XP’s Momentum through motivation addresses Public Speaking skill development for your staff as well as Motivation through personal organization, structure, and goal setting.

Resolve to Improve

Knowing how to do something is one thing. Being organized enough to carry it through is quite another. The same can be said with conflict. We know that it can cause pain points in your organization. But does your staff know how to resolve their own difficulties? University XP’s resolution to improve your staff through personal Organization and development of Conflict Resolution skills gives them the agency to move forward to achieve your goals.

Mindfully Develop

Reflection can reveal some hidden parts of ourselves that we knew existed but never acknowledged. Likewise, mindfulness helps use make positive strides in our lives by being thoughtful in our actions. University XP’s sessions on Self-Reflection help your staff identify where they can improve personally through their work while Mindfulness provides them an opportunity to create meaning in their actions.  

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Momentum Track:

  • Public Speaking

  • Motivation

Resolution Track:

  • Organization

  • Conflict Resolution

Development Track:

  • Self-Reflection

  • Mindfulness

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