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September, 11, 2019 Live Interview and Lessons Learned from FlynnCon 1 with Dr. Dave Eng | GBP024

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This week, Dave Eng returns to the show! Since last we talked, Dave has finished his doctorate and serves as a clinical professor & educational technologist at New York University’s School of Professional Studies and a professor of practice of table top game design at Troy University. We chatted with Dave about his research into table top gaming, the future of voice technology and Lougan’s tendency to not throw away things. We also discuss escape rooms and the fundamental differences between puzzles and games.

July, 18, 2019 higher ed social: dave eng & the power of gaming

Higher Ed Geek

Our guest this week is Dave Eng, who works in a variety of different roles focusing on digital education, game design, and the gamification of learning. June, 26, 2019 Episode #63: Dave Eng


Dave Eng, EdD Guest Blogger


“I recently attended a student affairs conference and one of the speakers, Dr. Dave Eng, said that the job search for the student affairs field (in the US) is about 4 months, which is drastically longer than other fields. How hard is it to find a job at a university in the UK? And what can one do to increase their chances of landing a job there?”


Student Affairs Leadership with Free Digital Resources


“In Games in Schools and Libraries episode 113 Kathleen speaks with Dave Eng, an educator and consultant, about gamification mindsets, or approaches to designing instruction to generate specific outcomes using gaming elements. “


“§ Dave started using games-based learning while working with his staff in student affairs. One of the main responsibilities was the student welcome program, where he hires orientation leaders (other students). Part of starting was doing outdoor adventures and others to get comfortable with working together, and of course, Dave loves games so he used Werewolf often for this.”


“An interview with higher education game design expert Dr. Dave Eng.”

AMB 013 Dave Eng on Starting a Business Despite Institutional Constraints

“Lindsay interviews guest Dave Eng discussing his role on campus working in student services versus being a full professor, and the early stages of a new income stream within institutional constraints.”


“Episode 69 is with Dave Eng, Director of Student Activities at St. Thomas Aquinas College, and Doctoral Candidate at Northeastern University. Dave is studying games, gamification, and game-based learning, which fuels most of the conversation. Dave talks about gamification in our lives, such as earning steps and beating your friends with FitBits, getting candy with Waze, and of course Pokemon GO. During the time of recording, Dave was preparing to head to a gamification conference, which leads to a nerdy discussion teaching Jackie everything she needs to know.”


“We have the pleasure of welcoming two awesome guests to the podcast this week! Stacy Jacob and Dave Eng both come onto the show to talk with Dustin about incorporating the concept of gamification into student affairs work, both in the classroom with future professionals and engaging our current students in our efforts. There’s a lot of great stuff to connect with in the show notes, so be sure to listen to the whole chat and look into the great resources shared by our guests.”


“Dave Eng, Living-Learning Coordinator for Involvement and Recreational Sports, kicks off the Fall 2011 Involvement Symposium”


“The Golden Mic Live: Episode 65 w/ Dr Dave Eng Today's Topic: Knowing More Is Being More Dave Eng - YouTube “


“In this “Teacher Edition” episode of Board Gaming with English, Rich and Dustin talk to Dave Eng about his experience using board games in higher education and specifically how he has adapted games in his field.”


“Have you heard of the word “gamification”? You do it with your kids when you make cleaning their room a game instead of a chore. Fitbit is a good example of gamification. They make a game out of fitness. Other businesses do it as well – and you probably also do it in your life. Dave Eng is an expert on gamification.”

“As a student activities director, you want to provide a lot spaces for new friendships to develop. But those spaces look different for everyone. Today’s guest is Louis Nelms, Student Activities Director of Lipscomb University in Nashville. In the episode, Louis discusses his different approaches to both extroverts and introverts and reveals how to make RAs your eyes on the “front lines” of campus”


“Widener University in Chester, Pa., where a little more than half the student body lives in campus housing, is also trying to “shed the suitcase mentality,” says Dave Eng, the new director of student engagement. A recent poll of 275 students who left on weekends found that only 10 percent did so for a job; the rest cited family and friends. Mr. Eng hopes to tempt them with new weekend fare, like a recent late-night Day-Glo party at which he personally sprayed fluorescent paint on dancers.”