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Executive Development

Executive Development

Leadership Focused

Executives are charged with developing a vision, executing a mission, and assessing its success. All of this depends on strong and compassionate leadership with a focus on teams as major stakeholders in the outcomes. That means that sessions covering Basics of Leadership, Visionary Leadership, and the Leadership Challenge form the backbone of our Executive Development Program.

Processes in Place

Once a vision has been set and team assembled, the next step is to execute on that vision. This means that sessions focusing on Goal Setting, Time Management, and Effective Meetings concentrates on how to achieve these goals in an accountable and streamlined process.

The Keystone to Progress

Leadership and processes form the individual legs of the Executive Development. But the tripod for success also relies on effective Project Management and Effective Change in order to fully realize an organization’s potential.

Are your executives ready to succeed?


Leadership Track:

  • Basics of Leadership

  • Visionary Leadership

  • Leadership Challenge

Processes Track:

  • Goal Setting

  • Time Management

  • Effective Meetings

Keystone Track:

  • Project Management

  • Effective Change

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