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Speaking, Research, Writing

Dave Eng, shares his insights and knowledge base through regular speaking engagements, research, and writing. University XP serves as a platform for his work in creating a world defined by emerging practices.


Dave Eng speaks at numerous events and conferences every year on topics regarding design, training, and consulting. University XP offers his innovative speaking engagements as form for you to bring a fresh new perspective to your audience and organization.


Dave Eng shares his research on games, gamificaiton, and games-based learning in his innovative approaches to design, training, and consulting work.  University XP offers his insight and perspectives on the future of games in our everyday lives.



Dave Eng publishes, shares, and commissions his writing to organizations, individuals, and businesses on a host of different topics including game design, staff training, and institutional research. University XP offers a platform into his viewpoints on education, academia, and beyond.